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Blazing Fire In Downtown Fort Mcmurray Alberta

Mankind has always shown its resilience in creating huge monuments of grandeur that take the breath away. The Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China are but a handful of such wonders. We are also adept at reconstructing our lives and rebuilding after painful tragedies such as the Great Fire of London in 1666, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the massive Indian Ocean earthquake that caused tsunamis in different parts of the world back in 2004, and in more recent memory on a smaller scale, the May 3 fire in Fort McMurray that destroyed close to 2,400 buildings in total.

Pre-fire Fort McMurray

There was a running joke back in the heydays of the Canadian oil boom town, Fort McMurray: it was also known as Fort Make Money. Some Canadians called it that during more prosperous times, as a myriad of people were drawn to Fort McMurray in search for a better life. The mix was rather eclectic, ranging from trained engineers to even refugees who fled from their war-ravaged countries, in addition to strivers from the vicinity as they all had one objective in mind: to obtain a better roll of the dice in life by starting all over in a place that has plenty of oil to fuel growth. However, as the price of crude oil fell in late 2014, the swift diminishment of jobs did not dissuade a large number of people who decided to ride their luck through the storm. This was but a lull before the storm.

May 3rd, 2016:  Fire In Ft. McMurray

Things took a turn for the worse on that fateful day, May 3, 2016. A wildfire aggressively made its way toward the city, filling up the sky with an unprecedented amount of smoke and ash as close to 88,000 people were forced to evacuate and flee to safety. Many of them were unprepared as they left their homes, and large parts of Fort McMurray fell victim to the ever advancing fire. This resulted in one of the most devastating fires that Canada has ever seen, rendering many precious personal items into mere memories as a return to the scene yielded nothing more than ash and dust. The importance of Fort McMurray’s contribution to global oil production was felt immediately in the aftermath as the wildfire crippled the town, resulting in a disruption.

A time to rebuild & Reconstruct

Fort McMurray might not be Texas, but this does not mean that the people living there do not think big. In fact, they are anxious to begin life anew and start all over again. This has led to a housing boom which does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. At the end of last year, there were 160 homes under construction in Fort McMurray. Most of the building was concentrated in the Thickwood and Timberlea neighborhoods. As the ground begins to thaw when winter gives way to spring, expect there to be a flurry of activity as more and more housing projects are introduced in different areas which were affected by the fire. There is going to be a construction boom this spring which will be on an unprecedented level – one that was not seen even during the dizzy days of the oil boom. Construction is expected to be evenly spread through the entire city, comprising of blocks of new houses that will connect to other existing properties.

This ongoing construction boom that will merge the old and the new can only mean one thing: there will be a need for more scaffolding companies to meet the demand. After all, one of the biggest challenges faced by Fort McMurray’s community during the reconstruction process would be navigating through their daily lives while plenty of construction work is being done everywhere one turns. With children running around as they play, it is imperative that the right kind of scaffolding is employed in renovating and rebuilding works as safety is of paramount importance. Hence, picking the right scaffolding company in Fort McMurray to get the job done is crucial.

With the right scaffolding company in place, the amount of danger to ordinary folk walking around, going about their daily lives is minimized as building safety requirements and regulations of the local council are met. It is going to be noisy and dusty, but having the proper scaffolding in place at construction sites and homes which are undergoing the renovation process will surely do their bit in helping residents of Fort McMurray continue with their regular routine sans disruptions as far as possible.

Why Scaffolding Pros?

The very fact that possibly up to 85% of Fort McMurray remained intact and unaffected by the fire, while seeing a huge boom in construction afterward goes to show just how much development Fort McMurray experienced during the oil boom years. Think scaffold Fort McMurray, think Scaffolding Pros. Scaffolding Pros is a Fort McMurray scaffolding company that is pleased to be able to assist in the rebuilding process. As a premier scaffolding company in Fort McMurray, Alberta, we are well poised to meet the construction boom in the days and weeks ahead, thanks to our team of dedicated specialists who have amassed a wealth of experience over the years by virtue of being in this business. Do call us today and see how we are able to play our role as a vital cog in bringing Fort McMurray to greater heights than before in partnership with the local community.