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Things to Consider When Choosing Experts for Your Edmonton Scaffold Project

Picking a scaffolding company is not something that should be taken lightly. It is certainly not the same as choosing the color of the shirt or taking your pick of juice flavors before a purchase is made. We are talking about human lives at stake here, as construction workers are at risk of suffering from a potentially serious injury or even death if they were to work with poor quality or badly maintained scaffolding that is rickety in nature. There might be dime a dozen companies that offer scaffolding in Edmonton as it is the capital city of Alberta, Canada, making it famous as the construction/development center of the province; but we are proud to be the best scaffolding company in Edmonton, Alberta. Here are some questions to ask when picking an Edmonton scaffolding company, as not any number from the phone directory or online listing will be able to get the job done.

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Do they have relevant experience?

There is a wide range of scaffolding construction types, with some of them exhibiting a greater degree of complexity than the others. Not only that, select scaffolding calls out for more experienced workmanship in order to make sure that the project is carried out in a safe and professional manner. Standard scaffolding construction tends to call for simple installation requirements. When other challenging factors such as uneven terrain and obstructed access are taken into consideration, experience would play a crucial part in making sure that the completed scaffolding construction is safe and secure to use. Ask and see whether the company is able to perform the right risk assessments for the corresponding situation as well as other compulsory documents. It is always advisable to share thoughts and the final details with the prospective Edmonton scaffolding company before committing to a contract or agreement.

Are they big on safety?

While it might seem to be a no-brainer for safety being given the highest priority especially when working at height, this is an often overlooked part in the decision making process due to cost or time constraints. Always take the effort to ask the prospective scaffolders on whether all of the proper papers and accreditation are in place. Basic structures tend not to have any kind of special permit, but the same does not apply to the larger and taller buildings, for a full risk assessment is more often than not required prior to the commencement of on-site work.

Are they well trained?

Any scaffold Edmonton company worth its salt would need to have adequately trained staff so that all of the work done will not deviate from the established industry standards. Always perform a quick yet thorough check with the scaffolding company prior to any formal agreement made. After all, erecting and maintaining scaffolding would require well trained workers who are well versed with safe scaffold erection techniques.

Are they insured?

One of the cardinal sins in the construction industry that has led to many injuries and even deaths would be assumption. Never, ever assume that the engaged scaffolding company has public liability insurance. Ask the right questions beforehand in order to be covered in the unfortunate event that something goes awry, and someone is hurt or there is damage done to the property.

Is it within my budget?

While many companies are extremely price sensitive these days due to the uncertain global economic climate, it pays to work within a reasonable budget. Not only is it easier to make decisions when it comes down to the crunch, it will also help prevent any kind of cost overruns that could be even more difficult to answer to the shareholders or board when queried. When picking the right scaffolding company in Edmonton to get the job done, always make sure that safety and service quality remain at the top of the list without overpaying. It is always advisable to shop around first and obtain a range of price quotes before arriving at a decision. Do take note that certain quotes might be higher than normal as the scaffolding has been included in the price. In order to make a more informed decision, make sure that all quotes share the same list of inclusions.

Why choose Scaffolding Pros?

At Scaffolding Pros, we know our stuff – and know it well. This is why we are not shy to proclaim that we are the best scaffolding company in Edmonton, Alberta. After all, we do not compromise in terms of safety and make sure that whatever advice given and consultations are always in the best interest of our clients.

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We strongly believe in both our experience and expertise, and place paramount importance on safety of not only the construction workers, but also of pedestrians who walk under the scaffoldings which we provide and install. Let our track record speak for itself as we look forward to receiving queries and meeting up with our prospective clients.